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Hello! My name is Jonah Boyer (AKA Quiet Earp) and this is my travel blog, where I have documented my life’s greatest adventures since 2012. That includes over 10,000 miles of backpacking in the US and New Zealand, whitewater raft guiding, packrafting, trail running, and so much more.

Jamming at Camp in Cataract Canyon on the Colorado River

Read, scroll, watch, listen, enjoy at your leisure, sign up for the email list, and when I hit the trail again (next big adventure starts January 2020), make sure to follow along and support me. Peace and Love!


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  1. Teri Sopp

    Hi Jonah, this is Teri, friend of Courtenay’s — sorry I didn’t get to meet you when you were in Panacea, but now I am a subscriber. Good luck!

  2. Gene and Casandra

    Jonah, How is it going? It’s Gene and Cassandra. We met you at the Kennedy Meadow little outpost! Great site you have… Been thinking about you and your trek!

  3. Alexandra O'Brien

    Jonahh!! We miss you we are keeping an update on the community board of your whereabouts 🙂

  4. Sean Imetengel

    Hey, Jonah! It’s Sean! I hope you’re doing all right. I saw you made it! We’re proud of you.

    We send our love from the good ole MO! 😀

  5. Jake Edwards

    Hey dude! hope everything is going well! everyone back at liberty is still reppin dudetrek and keeping you in our thoughts as always! hope you get to cross some stuff off your resolution list,stay safe my dude!

  6. Brandon

    Hey Jonah, it was good seeing you last Friday. Glad to see you’re healthy and still going strong. Good luck on the rest of your journey!
    Brandon (the guy in that band)

  7. John

    I am really glad Jonah was able to have a great Thanksgiving weekend. Thanks to great people like Kristen, a friend of mine from high school, and her husband Tim, for picking Jonah up and getting him to the bus. Also to my work wife (and a great friend) Barb’s sister Dotty for getting Jonah back to the trail. Thanks also to Brett, Nancy, Rebecca and Jess for getting Josh and Jonah back to Chicago and feeding them breakfast. I am really lucky to have great friends who are willing to help Jonah. And of course thanks to my sister and my family for celebrating the holiday with the boys and reminding them of their weird and wonderful heritage.

  8. Ali Ahmed

    Jonah! We miss you back here in Cincinnati !!
    Be safe and keep in touch!

    From all of us, your xavier university fam.

  9. Bambi Poore

    Hey Jonah, how are you doing? We have been wondeing about you at the Fairview Holiness Church here in Glouster Ohio. We have been praying for you and your safe journey. Hope to read a post soon as to where you are at. Please be safe, and GOD Bless My Friend…. Bambi ” )

  10. red

    Here is a story on the dude Let me know where you are. Your on the front page.

  11. Kathy Starkey

    It was really great meeting you yesterday Nov 10,2012 in Pleasant Plain Ohio. Have a great trip and good luck.

  12. Stephanie's Restaurant, New Vienna, Ohio

    It was nice meeting you today & hearing about your adventure. Good luck with your travels & stay safe.

  13. Tim Kestel

    Jonah Hope you are warm and dry. Today I heard George Harrison say, ‘If you don’t know where your going, any road will take you there”. You seem to know where you are going and the road to there. Good luck.

  14. Grannys Pizza Staff - Londonderry ,OH

    Jonah – It was a pleasure to meet you at the restaurant, Granny’s Pizza in Londonderry this past Friday. We wish you well and safety on your journey. Truly inspiring to realize in talking to you that life itself is a trek across the country full of obstacles and blessings. Carry your message far my friend and continue to believe in yourself. Never forget that those that shout from their car windows are the real losers in this world, you are the winner and they are simply envious. Continue on and take care.

  15. kaleb and william

    Hey it was cool meeting you today you seem like a really cool dude and you should add us on facebook if not follow william on twitter.

  16. Sarah ~ Chillicothe, OH

    Jonah, we enjoyed meeting you today in Chillicothe, Ohio. Good luck on your journey to self discovery. Look up my friend Todd Shipley when you get to San Fransisco. You two will hit it off.
    We wish you well.
    Sarah ~ Bijoux’s Boutique

  17. Cathy

    Hi Jonah! Have never met you, but learned of your journey thru a friend back home in Sykesville. I love keeping up with you on your website and am very excited for you for this opportunity. Have fun and be safe! Wishing you the best on this amazing adventure!

  18. John

    Just heard from Jonah Boyer. He is in Hocking State Forest In Ohio. Spent last night in an abandoned hunting shack so he was dry. Been hiking today and he is warm but the mud is pretty thick. He sounded great as usual and has plenty of food and some new waterproof bib ski pants that are working incredibly well. It was really good to hear from him.

  19. Nana

    I picked up Jonah on Thursday afternoon at the Lake Logan Campground. He looks great and didn’t smell as bad as I thought he might. We have had a wonderful time listening to all of his tales of adventure. Yesterday we took him to meet Bob’s nephew who owns a music shop that builds and repairs guitars. We have fed him lots of home cooked food and have provided him with a real bed, with blankets and pillows. We bought him a pair of bib waterproof ski pants to keep him warm and dry as the weather is getting colder and damper. He will be leaving us today to continue his trek across this great country of ours. Please pray that he continues to have a safe journey.
    We love you Jonah Nana and Bob

  20. Wÿlei

    The Dude now has business cards. Look for him to be handing them out as soon as I get them to him.

    See you soon man.

  21. Jake's Mom

    Hi Jonah! It’s good to see that you are doing so well! The Spivey Family thinks of you often! Godspeed!

  22. Bambi Poore

    It was great meeting you today Johna. Thank you for joining us at the church service this morning. Fairview Holiness Church Dock 3 Burr Oak. I will and we will be praying for you on your journey. I hope you are enjoying the walk on the Buckeye Trail. GOD Bless, Be safe and remember Seek GOD’s will in all you do, and He will show you the path to take, Proverbs 3,6

  23. Becky


    I met you today at the Belrock Diner in Belpre, OH. I’ll be following your blog and watching you as you trek across America. I hope you have a safe trip.

  24. John

    Spent Saturday night with Jonah at North Bend State Park. We camped, ate, and caught up. He was able to get a shower and wash his clothes (even hung out in his underwear for a while).

    He is doing great. Just about 600 miles behind him now and should be crossing the border into Ohio within hours of this being posted. I brought him some MREs (meals ready to eat) and a bunch of food for him to take along. Beef jerky, dried pineapples, no cook bacon, and some Cliff energy bars. We also cooked a huge meal Saturday night on the campfire. Some really good steaks, potatoes, peppers, bread and chips and salsa.

    Here are a couple videos, an update and a song:

    It was great hearing his stories about Johnny, the underwater welder, and Mrs. Conrad who sent his picture to her daughter and told her “Here is someone for you to marry.” He said more than anything, he misses his friends and talking to them all the time. There have been a couple times where he has gone almost full days without talking to people and has caght himself laughing outloud at his thoughts.

    I am sending him another journal as he has completely filled the first one he has. I may have to hit up the web site where I bought the first two for a sponsorship deal.

    Most important, he is eating well, staying warm and has pretty much become the ambassador of cool. He really hasn’t run into anyone who has been unkind and is renewing my faith in the goodness that exists in the world.

    Keep checking in and letting him know everyone is looking out for him.

  25. Susan & Butch (The Conrads on North Bend Rail Trail)

    Hi Jonah! We met you on North Bend Rail Trail in West Virginia. I asked to for you picture for my daughter. Wink, wink. We gave apples for music and meeting you was a hightlight of our trip. I wish you the best on your journey across America. We will be following you on your adventure! Remember to say your prayers!

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