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Hello! My name is Jonah Boyer (AKA Quiet Earp) and this is my travel blog, where I have documented my life’s greatest adventures since 2012. That includes over 10,000 miles of backpacking in the US and New Zealand, whitewater raft guiding, packrafting, trail running, and so much more.

Jamming at Camp in Cataract Canyon on the Colorado River

Next big adventure starts January 2020, when I plan to hike and paddle through nearly every major ecosystem in the United States, the Baja Peninsula, and the Northern Rocky and Appalachian Mountain Ranges in Canada.

Total map for the 7+ year hike

The route. 28,746 miles of walking, 27,163 miles of paddling for a total of 55,909 miles and perhaps 8 years of moving.Here’s a link to the interactive map on

For those who enjoy using digital mapping/GPS files, you can export the GPX or KML file through Caltopo.

Through this adventure, I intend to ask questions about our needs, and how our consumption of resources is impacting our communities and our environment. Take 5-10 minutes and fill out the questionnaire below to answer them for yourself!

Include how you get your Food, Water, Shelter, Clothing, and Sleep
Include things like Washing, Transportation, Energy, Recreation, Family/Social Needs, Business Needs, etc.
Include trash, recycling, human waste, etc.

Follow me on social media and sign up for the email list to follow the beginnings of this adventure as I approach the start in the coming months.


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  1. Grandma and PaPa

    Good Morning Jonah !!

  2. Jerry & Judy (Grandparents)

    HeyJonah—–As usual here I sit each morning “checking in” on you—–reading all the messages from everyone is heart-warming ——You have the Love of so many people with you ! Have a Great Day today——enjoy your visit with James, and take care of those feet. Will be following you daily. Praying for your Strength and Safety each day. We Love you !!!!!!!

  3. Colin Istre

    Thank you, this can be the worst factor I’ve study

  4. diane

    met jonah today at tuckahoe state park what an amazing person!! We wish him the very best and will keep him in our prayers.

  5. Chris

    Met you today in ridgley md day 4 of your trip. Thought it was pretty inspiring doing what your doing let me know if you pass back threw and I’ll help ya out. Good luck on your journey. Chris

  6. Nana

    Jonah, I wake up every morning to check on your progress. You are a very special grandson to me and know that our Lord will be with you every step of the way. To honor your adventure Tanner and I are doing a “DUDETREK” walk around the neighborhood in the morning. Love you bunches, Nana xoxo

  7. Thierry Jean

    Hey man I don’t know if you remember me but I moved away from md not too long ago. I’m wishing you much luck on this trip and I hope everything pans out the way it’s supposed to. I kinda just happened upon this via Facebook. If there is ever a shortage of support by donation please contact me and I would be more than happy to make a hefty donation. I really can’t wait to hear you say that you made it all the way so best of luck to you dude.

    Fellow person from the burg,

  8. John

    So I want to post some of the communication I had with Jonah to keep everyone updated. He made it to Milton DE the first night where he had dinner with the Gilligans who let him camp on their deck. (photos on face book). Day 2 he made it 20 miles to Bridgeville DE and met the coordinator of the American Discovery Trail for Delaware. She took him to Po Boys (in the back of a Dollar General) where he had some amazing Jumbalaya.They then went to a joint to hear a band called the Lipstick Mollys and met Bill McCrash. Here is Jonah’s text about him “20 miles today. Met bill mcrash- born in queens, raised at cbgbs, Woodstock, and the Newport jazz fest ’69. Hitched to Cali from NY in 4 days in the early 70s. Good friends with Duane allman. He has advanced stage liver cancer and was supposed to be dead by last year and still gets drunk every night
    since the diagnosis.”

    Spoke to him this morning and he was having peaches and pancakes before he headed out. Shooting for Denton MD today.

    • Nancy Nagel

      UPDATE: I’m a police officer in Caroline County, MD and I was dispatched to a “suspicious person” today. When I got to the scene I found….Jonah! Jonah informed me of his journey and answered a few questions I posed to him about it. He said it was his 3rd day of the DudeTrek. He was in Denton, MD. I was very moved by his motivation and enthusiasm. Jonah told me about his website/blog and I told him I would post an update. I wish I had taken a photo to post. What a great fellow! Happy treking, Jonah….

  9. Patsy Sibley

    Hey Wolverine !!!!! I don’t know your route….but will you be coming through Arkansas? Be safe and my prayers will be with you every step of your journey.

  10. Mac Calvaresi


    When I first saw your hair, I was concerned. Now that I know you’re planning on being a mountain man (and a desert man, and a fjords man – are there fjords?, and a plains man, and forests man, and a – well, you get the picture) the hair makes perfect sense.

    All joking aside, I think it’s awesome that you’re doing this, and I hope that you realize what a great opportunity you’re making for yourself. Most people in the world don’t get a chance to become so enlightened, when all it would really take, is a short “dudetrek” around their own neighborhood. Be safe, enjoy yourself, and share what you find!

    Happy Trails,

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