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Me at the top of Forester Pass on the PCT in 2014My name is Jonah Boyer, and I am a 24 year old adventure blogger and musician. Since Fall of 2012, I have hiked over 10,000 miles during my 2012-2013 Walk Across America, my 2014 section hike of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), my 2015 thru-hikes of the Florida Overseas Heritage Trail (FOHT), the Florida National Scenic Trail (FNST), the Appalachian National Scenic Trail (AT), plus a season as a ski bum at Big Sky Resort in Montana, a bunch of hikes and whitewater rafting in and around Moab, Utah, a rambling adventure through New Zealand, and a stint of sea kayaking on Lake Superior in the Bay of Islands out of Bayfield, Wisconsin. With each new adventure, I strive to become stronger, smarter, and above all, wiser- in hopes that I may inspire others to break from the status quo and embark on their own adventure, regardlessof form or scale

Follow me on my adventure into the maze-</div

How to read the Maze Maps:

Clicking on the map above will bring you to, where you can see the map above on many base layers (like google maps, USGS topos, satellite, etc. Click on the “Open in Caltopo” link, then check out the bar at the top right of the map and lick “satellite +1”, to open the dropdown menu, then again on “satellite to change the base layer) and you can play around with many views of my route. The blue line is my ride into camp once I get off highway 24. The purple lines are my hiking routes, and you can hover over them to embolden the lines and see the directional arrows that show which way I’m going, though there is some overlap. Click on the routes and click again on “profile” to see the elevation profile on each route. All of my routes will start at my base camp at Twin Corral Box Canyon, where I will leave my motorcycle and all of my resupplies. The first route I will do is the loop titled Horseshoe/ Millard Canyon, which includes a day of paddling down the green river, and will go in a clockwise direction. The route will likely be between 100-120 miles and I expect it to take 7-8 days. When I get back to camp after each route, I will resupply from my motorcycle before heading back out. The second route is titled “MAZE” and consists of short hike down North Trail Canyon to Elaterite Basin, over “The Gap”, and down into South Fork Horse Canyon towards the Green River, around Pete’s Mesa, and on the ridge to the east of Jasper Canyon, down Water Canyon to the Doll House, a loop of Surprise Valley, then down into Ernie’s Country with an out and back to Sunken Valley behind the giant Toreva block at rapid 15 in Cataract Canyon, up Wide Valley, Sweet Alice Canyon, over Land of Standing Rocks, down Pictograph Fork, all the way to Horse Canyon, back up to the top, North Trail again back to camp. The route will likely be between 120-135 miles and I expect it to take 8-9 days. The third route is titled “happy Canyon/Maze and has me dropping into French Spring Canyon, then following an arm of Happy Canyon, up to the top, back down the flint trail, then the Golden Stairs, to Ernie’s Country and up Sand Tank Canyon, up to the Land of Standing Rocks, to the Chocolate Drops, crossing pictograph fork up to the top of Pete’s Mesa, down the Northeast side, and along the bench above the Green River all the way to Bonita Bend, across the Millard Canyon Benches and back to North Trail Canyon and camp. This route will likely be between 120-135 miles and I expect it to take 8-9 days. If you;d like to see where I am, and where I’ve been already, check the map below. And if that embedded map doesn’t work, click on the link above the caltopo map and go to the Spot Device site to get the most recent updates. Looking forward to getting out there, and providing a thorough trip report upon my return. Much love.

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Walk Across America 2012-2013 (4,300 miles)

Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail 2014 (1,000 miles)

Florida National Scenic Trail 2015 (1,300 miles)

Appalachian National Scenic Trail 2015 (2,200 miles)

Dudetrek USA

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  1. Mario Manfredini

    Hey Jonah,
    I just spoke to your dad and he told me about your journey – YOU ROCK!!!
    I’ll spread the message to family and friends and hope you get to meet some of them along the way. You already inspired me (I started a twitter account to follow you)… Hit me up when you get into Illinois and I can possibly make a “BerwynTrek” your way. Keep up the good work and WALK ON!
    Big Mario

  2. Domingo

    seriously Dude, the Donate link on the Follow me page is broken. I have tried to send you food money for weeks until I finally tried the Feed me page.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. johnny brown ross

    I had the privilege of meeting you yesterday as you were walking to tygart valley state park in Grafton west Virginia. I couldn’t let you just sleep anywhere we had a good time hanging out. I hope the shower and pork chops did you well. I know the choco taco dessert helped. Hope you have a safe journey and thank you for that amazing song I have showed everyone the video. Hit me up down the road im always traveling! Stay safe

    Your Friend,

  4. Michelle Mouser

    Hi Jonah, we meet you tonight when you rang our doorbell in Valley Furnace, WV. We hope you have a good trip and find all you are looking for. We will pray you have a safe journey.

    The Mousers
    Valley Furnace, WV

  5. Joe Dundore

    Jonah (aka the “Dude”),

    I would really like to write something profound here to help you on your journey, but unfortunately, I’m just not that cool! I think what you’re doing is awesome and inspiring! I hope you learn a lot along your way and to all of us who wish they had the courage to do what you’re doing, a sincere thank you. I hooked you up with some lunch money. Thanks for all of the great memories you gave in my music class 4+ years ago. You are truly a kindred and unique spirit! Go get ’em Jonah and sing some songs for me!

  6. Mike Kimzey

    Hi Jonah,

    I and my two friends met you this week at the Dolly Sods trailhead. We had just completed our 4 day backpack. It was nice to meet you. I’ll continue to follow your progress on your trek. Take care and good luck!!

  7. Steven Walker

    Hi Jonah,
    I was glad to see your latest update and that you made it to wild and wonderful West Virginia. When inspiration is needed check out the poem
    Invictus at yad eht fo meop – week of 01/03 to 01/10.
    MWBR. reklaw nevets

  8. Bill


    We met you about a week ago on the C&O during a four day bike tour. Keep trekking along and living your dream! Take it one day at a time or better yet one step at a time.

    All the best!
    Bill (AT GA-ME 09)

  9. DDatomica

    It’s pretty amazing seeing how many people want to help or wish you awesomeness. Many props to you making this journey, I only wish I could go with you lol but I guess that would take away from the whole spirituality thing…I honestly hope to do something like this in the future. I will be graduating high school this year but…I may have to hold off on the trip like this for a little bit lol.

    Anyways, I hope you have an awesome experience. (who am I kidding, you will lol) on a side note: What about Alaska and Hawaii? XD

    Good like dude! I’m rooting for ya ^^

  10. aliekat55

    Hi Johan, confuse by your comments that you are hungry all the time but that you get glorious meals from people. I tried to send you some food money but the donate button seems to be broken.

  11. Nicky

    Hey Dudetrek-er! Props to you. Love it when people make things happen for themselves instead of saying “I wish I could do that.” Awesome.

    I’ve saved a lot of money traveling with and

    Helpx is a great work exchange website with stuff literally in every state and country of the world. I’m doing it now on a Colorado Ranch. I work a few hours a day putting in a fence or whatever and get food and a place to stay. Good times. It’s a good deal, hope it helps.

    Happy hiking!


  12. frederick md data recovery

    Hi, I read your blog regularly. Your humoristic style is awesome,
    keep doing what you’re doing!

  13. John

    Talked to Jonah yesterday. He spent last night at the Town Creek Aqueduct about mile 162 on the C&O canal. He figures today he’ll make it to Old Town Maryland and then cross over into West Virginia. He is hoping to spend next weekend with his friends in Morgantown. He sounds great.

  14. Abigail Will

    ps, there is this really awesome thing called geocaching. Have you heard of it? It’s like modern-day treasure hunting… Maybe see what it’s all about! I think as long as you have a gps and you want to do it, it can be really fun! Basically, you find the coordinates for the cache on the geocaching website, look around in that area in all sorts of places. If you find that cache, there with be a sealed container or something like that filled with cool items other people have left! You leave something in exchange for another person’s trinket. It’s really fun and sometimes you meet other people who do it too. I’ll bet there are tons of caches along the trail you’re going down.
    Thanks man, chill.

  15. Abigail Will

    Jonah! This is Abby, Benjamin Will’s little sister. I think that what you’re doing is really super cool. Like. Really freakin’ cool. I’m inspired. When my brother told me about this I was like… wow. Jonah. I remember him from boy scouts aha. You are a crazy hippie now! But seriously… when my bro told me about it I felt like, “Man. Thats what I want to do once I get out of school. Just go, just go and be with nature and be alone and be with music.” It sounds like a dream, and you’re actually doing it! I think it’s great. I hope that your adventure goes well and I will definitely be following it!

  16. John

    A little update from Jonah.

  17. John

    a song Jonah learned on the trail

  18. Mary Williams

    Hi Jonah. Here is a story by, and about, a group of young Franciscan friars who went on a pilgrimage through Virginia 3 years ago. I met them by chance and they stayed in my house one night. Hopefully you will be inspired by their story.
    They did it without money, relying solely on the kindness of strangers.
    Here is the article:
    Here is the website their home office utilized to communicate with their followers:
    Good luck and I look forward to hearing more about your travels! This is sure to be a life-changing experience.
    Mary Paus Williams

  19. Connor McMonagle

    Don’t forget to call when you get to Cincinnati! I will be standing there when you get there and you can come up to Dayton for the night and anything you need, I will take care of. I will make sure Ben, Brit, and who ever else I can get out here is here to welcome you and continue your high spirits to reach this goal! You are amazing ! You are the man! Best of luck and I cannot wait to see you when you get here!

  20. Paul P.

    Met Jonah this evening about 7:30pm on the C&O canal at the Pennyfield Lockhouse (milepost 19.5). I had just finished a 10 mile run, and I saw this young man building a fire and setting up camp. I approached him and ask him about his travels. He told me his story, and we had a very nice conversation. We talked about backpacking, music, and his trip. Jonah’s mother, father and family should be very proud of thier articulate, polite and friendly son. I wish him safe and happy travels, and will certainly follow his journey.
    BTW…congratulations to Jonah’s father for becoming an Ironman this past weekend…from a fellow endurance athlete.

    • John

      Thanks Paul. all of my kids were a huge inspiration to help me make it through that.

  21. Jerry

    just found your site today and really inspiring: I’m selling up in London, GB, and planning the same trip next year, hopefully starting in spring. 45 years living in the best country in the world so probably time to see the second best. Keep on going Jonah, I’ll be following you all the way. Keep safe and happy

  22. Grandma and PaPa

    Hey Jonah——–we enjoyed talking with you again this morning—–for some reason cannot view the photos you added from the C&O Canal——-will keep trying. Have a Great day——–Take good care !! Love you !

  23. Grandma and PaPa

    Jonah—So Good to get to Talk with you this morning !! Enjoy your time with Mom in DC today ! You will be back on your “trek” later this afternoon—–Stay Safe ! Hope to talk with you again SOON! Love you

  24. sam parrott

    dude im so glad you made it on friday. I plan on bringing a small crew to see you one more time out near cumberland. God Speed. see you soon. Goodbye for now.


    p.s. thanks for the news shout out

  25. Grandma and PaPa

    Good Morning Jonah ——-HAPPY TRAILS Today !!!!!!!!! Stay Safe !! Love you!

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