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Moab Adventures

New Zealand

21 Responses to Maps

  1. Francis

    Jonah, is there a way to get a hold of you personally reference routing on the ADT,

    Drop me a line please!


  2. Jae

    You got mad curly hair
    you def don’t need nair
    amurikah amurikah
    Jonah comin’ atcha
    trekin’ through amurikah
    You’re welcome for this rap.
    Also, BEN SAYS HI.

    ~ lots of love Alfred ~

  3. Lacie

    Hi Jonah, my name is Lacie and I’m a friend of Kait and John Seyal, who just mentioned you in a blog post concluding their cross-country trek. I just wanted to let you know that you have a place to stay in Long Beach CA if you ever need one. I wish you safe travels and look forward to reading more about your journey.

    • kelly feenin

      I am getting ready to take the ADT from hagerstown Maryland to MO any help or suggesstions may help. I am acctually leaving from port ontario NY. I have hiked from FL to NY twice and over to NM then back to FL so I am a very experienced hiker but any one who can share knowledge I appreciate Headed for Cali in the long run… no schedule and I love it!

  4. Bill Bentley

    Hey Jonah,

    My name is Bill and I’m a Ohio native, born and raised. Since the summer before kindergarten I have spent somewhere between a week and a month every summer in Eldersburg with my grandfater. Through my time there I have become very close friends with a few people I believe you know (some being Brian Smith, Casey Sullivan, Greg Rinehart, Joey Eckert…the list goes on). This past summer while I was visiting I heard about Dudetrek and I think what you’re doing is incredible. I check at least once a week to see what you’re up to, and if there are any new posts. I go to school at Xavier University in Cincinnatti, OH and if you would like/need a place to stay when you get around this area I can hook you up with a couch, a shower, and food to eat. Just let me know! My number is 419-902-3232. I’ll be happy to help you out anyway I can.

    Bill Bentley

  5. Bobby,Steve, Scout and Fox

    Hey Jonah: It was nice meeting you this morning as you were passing through Pennyfield Lock. I wish I had thought to throw you a PawPaw. Are you eating them? They are everywhere along the canal and ripe now. Good luck and I hope you can aquire much wisdom in your travels.


  6. Ryan Going

    Hey Jonah, your aunt I believe Beth Gozdecki told me about dudetrek, I live in Jefferson city MO and would be willing to help you out when your in the area. Looks like you will be following the Katy trail, it comes right by Jeff city. Give me a holler, I’m following you on Facebook. Good luck, I can contact the local news to get you some exposure locally if you want?

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