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Me at the top of Forester Pass on the PCT in 2014My name is Jonah Boyer, and I am a 20 year old adventure blogger and musician. Since Fall of 2012, I have hiked over 6,000 miles, primarily during my 2012-2013 Walk Across America and my 2014 section hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. As of February 2nd, 2015 I started my most ambitious adventure yet- the 4,000+ mile network of long trails that make up the US section of the Eastern Continental TrailI set off in Key West, Florida and will take the first few months to hike the Florida Overseas Heritage Trail (FOHT), the (FT), a 200(ish) mile road walk in Alabama, the Pinhoti Trail in Alabama and Georgia   (PT), and the Benton MacKaye Trail (BUT) to Northern Georgia where the Appalachian Trail (AT) the begins. Then, rather than continuing North on AT, I will “flip-flop” to the northern terminus in Maine, whereby I will hike South back to Georgia, effectively hiking the whole US section, but following the warm weather the entire time. With each new adventure, I strive to become stronger, smarter, and above all, wiser- in hopes that I may inspire others to break from the status quo and embark on their own adventure, regardless of form or scale.





Walk Across America 2012-2013 (4,300 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail 2014 (1,000 miles)

East Coast 2015 (4,100 miles)


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  1. Ted

    Much love from Atlantic beach, it was good running into you at springfest, keep being you man, much love -Ted and alex

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