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Me at the top of Forester Pass on the PCT in 2014My name is Jonah Boyer, and I am a 21 year old adventure blogger and musician. Since Fall of 2012, I have hiked over 8,000 miles, primarily during my 2012-2013 Walk Across America, my 2014 section hike of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), my 2015 extended thru-hike of the Florida Overseas Heritage Trail (FOHT) and the Florida National Scenic Trail (FNST). 2015 has been my most ambitious year of adventure yet- two thru-hikes in one year! After completing the Florida Trail, I began the Appalachian Trail (AT) going southbound in the first week of June. This year’s hike on the AT has been a special one so far, as I have been hiking with one of my best friends and first-time thru-hiker, James Stankewicz. We have learned, and will continue to learn a lot from each other and have a ton of fun. With each new adventure, I strive to become stronger, smarter, and above all, wiser- in hopes that I may inspire others to break from the status quo and embark on their own adventure, regardless of form or scale.




Walk Across America 2012-2013 (4,300 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail 2014 (1,000 miles)

Florida Trail 2015 (1,300 miles)

Appalachian Trail 2015 (2,200 miles… In progress)


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  1. Vonnie Waffle

    Great to meet you again at Woody Gap this week, Quiet Erp. I guess you are all done on the AT now. Congratulations. I have been engrossed in your website and the tales of your adventures and am in awe of your life choices to date. So impressive you chose a different path so young. Look forward to reading about your next walk. Cheers, Drop Bear

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