New Zealand Adventure Day 14-19: Whangarei to Auckland

Day 14: I woke up first, around 7, when the rain had stopped, but the drops were still falling from the trees. As we ate breakfast, the German couple passed us, and were very surprised to hear our story about James, because they had nothing but good things to say about him, his hospitality, and his campground. Perhaps this was because they paid him upfront? Probably not, but our experience made me wonder. Once we were packed up and walking, it didn’t take long to get to the road, but when Sarah and I stopped to stick our thumbs out, Magnus was still undecided about leaving the Te Araroa.Read more

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Te Araroa Day 9-14: KeriKeri to Whangarei

Day 9: We wake up early, eating and packing up quickly from our stealth camp so we can get out of there before being noticed. Mosquitoes were pretty bad last night and really chewed up my legs, so I thought for a few days that I had walked through some poisonous plant. We resupplied at the grocery store first, waiting for the McDonald’s to open again so we could squat there and use their unlimited wifi, which is a hard thing to find here in New Zealand where wifi is rarely free or unlimited. Displaying our hiker trash with pride, we rebagged our food outside the front door of the grocery store while people stared out of the corner of their eye, wondering what we were up to and where we might be going.… Read more

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Te Araroa Day 5-8: Ahipara to KeriKeri

Raetea Forest

Day 5: Left Ahipara around 5:45 AM after first breakfast and went to the small store a mile or so from the hostel. Had to wait around until 7:30 for it to open, so did some yoga and calisthenics while I waited. Met Sarah from New Hampshire just before the store opened and we both grabbed some (more) breakfast and resupply for the next few days, then roadwalked together to the start of the Herekino Track. This is her first thru-hike and we talked and out how much people change after a thruhike, whether it is their 5th or their first.… Read more

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Te Araroa Day 1-4: Cape Reinga to Ahipara

Day 1- After leaving KeriKeri, it took me all day and about 20 different rides to get to the beginning of the Te Araroa at Cape Reinga. I met an 80 year old man born and raised in KeriKeri, another Te Araroa hiker sectioning from KeriKeri to Cape Reinga, a woman from Te Whau who brought me back to her house for bread, cheese, coffee, and stories of Papua New Guinea in the 1970’s, a woman originally from Hungary who has been in New Zealand now for many years, an English couple on holiday, a half dozen older white men who asked me what I thought of Donald Trump then told me I was wrong, a mom with her 2 kids in the back who told me about how sand pines were planted on the Aupori Peninsula to allow for agricultural development and how the swamps are sometimes drained for the harvest of Kauri logs, a young Maori girl who brought me a short way to Te Kao and dropped me off at her mom’s store, and finally (after being warned that now that it was after 8pm I wasn’t going to get picked up and I should look for camp) I got picked up by a French couple that brought me all the way to Cape Reinga in their rental van.… Read more

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Te Araroa Day Zero

Today is day 4 in new zealand, but after the airline I flew on left my backpack in Brisbane, Australia I had to spend an extra day and a half in Auckland before I could start hitching out of the city. Auckland was a pretty neat city and I got there at a neat time. On day 2, there was a gigantic parade right by the hostel for Santa claus. so with the massive crowds of people flocking in every direction, I found an alley with good acoustics and played my guitar with a cup at my feet for a while.… Read more

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Canyonlands National Park, Island in the Sky District- White Rim


Me and Raisin Rob

Me and Raisin Rob

In the first week of November in 2016, my buddy Raisin Rob and I hiked the White Rim Road in the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park from the Shafer Trail to the Upheaval Dome parking lot. In total, it was about 88 miles hiked in 5 days. A map of our route is posted below, as are excerpts from my journal. Check out all the photos from this adventure here.


Day 1: 11-4-16

Sunrise at the Island in the Sky Visitor's Center

Sunrise at the Island in the Sky Visitor’s Center

Rob and I hiked 17 miles today from the Visitors Center at Island in the Sky to the rocky pass just before the Lathrop Canyon entrance, going south.… Read more

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Hikes Around Moab

Here’s a map of almost all the places I hiked this summer while living in Moab, Utah. All the blue lines are hiking routes, the green lines are boating routes. In total, I hiked around 600 miles and rafted about 1300 miles! Not a bad way to spend my time when not thru-hiking.

Read more

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Whitewater Raft Guiding on the Colorado River

Rowing Cataract Canyon on the Colorado River

Learning the Ropes

In the summer of 2016, I worked in Moab, Utah for Navtec Expeditions as a whitewater raft guide on the Colorado River. I arrived in Moab in April, but spent the first few weeks hiking to and through the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. By the middle of May, I was being trained to run the river. During the first two weeks of training, I went out on the river almost every day with one of Navtec’s veteran guides, Aubrey. The first few trips, she would row the boat, giving me tips on how to maneuver around in the water and how to run a great trip (like providing wilderness interpretation and being personable with the guests), and let me hop on the oars in flat water to get a feel for the dynamics of rowing a boat.… Read more

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Canyonlands NP, Needles District


In mid-April of 2016, I left my job as a retail salesman at Big Sky Ski Resort in Southwest Montana to move to Moab, Utah for the summer to work as a whitewater raft guide on the Colorado River. But my rafting gig didn’t start until May 15th, giving me time to explore before I hit the river. I decided to spend some of that time hiking to and through the Needle District of Canyonlands National Park. In total, I hiked 140 miles from Moab, down the Kane Creek Road, and along the trails within the Needles District. Here are some snippets from my journal entries and some of the pictures from my adventure!… Read more

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Appalachian Trail Summary

So I didn’t blog while on the Appalachian Trail. Call me a hipster but everyone does it, and I was sort of sick of blogging and distracted by living in the moment. Every day was so much fun, and I didn’t want to leave that fun for even a second, even to retreat for a quick journal entry or blog post. SO, if you’d like to know about my personal adventure, you’ll have to be content with the photos and videos I have uploaded.

For those of you looking for advice on hiking the Appalachian Trail, gear reviews, or actual blog posts, I recommend some of the following blogs and websites, some of which I used in preparation for my hike, and some of which are blogs of people I hiked with along the AT.… Read more

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