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Expedition Dudetrek

On December 31st, New Years Eve 2019-2020, I arrived in San Jose Del Cabo at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico to begin a 55,000(ish) mile journey and ethnoecological survey of the places we call home- that is to say, I’m going to hike and paddle in an extremely zig-zaggy fashion from Baja to Newfoundland to ask the following questions of every one in every place-


  • How does the local environment shape people? (Their jobs, history, characters, history, art, politics)

  • How do local people shape their environment? (Flora, fauna, soil, freshwater and saltwater, atmosphere, rocks and minerals)
  • What are the relationships people have with plants and animals and nonliving resources (for natural resources, tourism, folklore, medicine, food, water, shelter, clothing)

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140 Responses to

  1. Mike Honecker

    I’m very excited! And Proud of you LiL Ras!❤✌Stay Golden.

  2. Jeff Cook

    I met this young man as he was traveling through my hometown of Grand Junction, CO. This dude is the shnizit! I immediately felt a kindred spirit. His journey through this life is how all of us should approach it. Free, but caring, Bold but kind.

  3. Darlene Whiting

    Take me with ya! Will be following and learning as you learn.

  4. Michaelle Baker

    Jonah Jonah Jonah. This is quite a trek you have planned for 2020. Can’t wait to see all your pictures and read your amazing stories.

  5. Chris Hillier

    Good luck! Can’t wait to follow along!

  6. Rick stevens

    Good luck, travel safe !
    Never travel when your body is exhausted !

  7. Gin

    When I tried to post a reply to your comment, it disappeared. So I’m posting my reply here on the off chance the other one didn’t go through!

    I’m in Colbran, Colorado, now, about a week and a half from Moab! Would love to meet if you’re still up for that. Would also love to talk directions then (originally my plan was to finish as quickly as possible and cut through central Utah and Nevada, but now I’m considering taking my time more and trying to hit Zion. Not sure of the logistics of that, though, which is where your advice would come in handy! )

    Feel free to email me any time. You can also find me on Facebook under “Virginia Szagola.”


  8. Gin

    Hey Jonah!
    My name’s Gin and I’m walking across America solo at 18-19, as you did all those years ago.

    Just popping by to say hello! 🙂 In part because I went the same route as you did through the last half of Kansas (on Highway 40) and I thought it was incredibly surreal knowing someone else (you!) once did it at my age, fresh out of high school, footloose and fancy-free for the first time. Knowing that I was walking in your footsteps was just lovely. I also stayed with the Dansels in Weskan! (Ironically, the person who put me in touch with them had no idea they had hosted another walker before.) Anyhow, yeah! I’m now in Colorado Springs, slowly chugging along.

    Best wishes,

    • Quiet_Earp

      That’s so awesome! So good you got to meet the Dansels! They are such lovely people and I really do think of them often. I spent Easter with them and got to meet what felt like the whole town at church in the morning, wearing my stinky hiker clothes. You’re going to love the Rockies so much, and when you pass through Moab, UT hit me up! I’m living there until January this year and I’ll make sure to bring you some trail magic! Keep on trekking Gin!

      • Gin

        Hello again! Unfortunately I’ve decided to cut out the loop down to Moab, to save time in the hopes of beating the snow in the Sierras. 🙁 If you’d be up for meeting anywhere else, like Thompson Springs, I’ll pay for lunch. 🙂 Crossing into Utah today.

  9. Angela Loscalzo

    Les and I (Angela) were on your raft today. We were the old folks. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip but enjoyed your stories even more. Good luck in future adventures!


    Great to see an update. Was wondering were you were at. Love reading your adventures. Be Safe Wayne and Gina Fla

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