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Expedition Dudetrek

On December 31st, New Years Eve 2019-2020, I arrived in San Jose Del Cabo at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico to begin a 55,000(ish) mile journey and ethnoecological survey of the places we call home- that is to say, I’m going to hike and paddle in an extremely zig-zaggy fashion from Baja to Newfoundland to ask the following questions of every one in every place-


  • How does the local environment shape people? (Their jobs, history, characters, history, art, politics)

  • How do local people shape their environment? (Flora, fauna, soil, freshwater and saltwater, atmosphere, rocks and minerals)
  • What are the relationships people have with plants and animals and nonliving resources (for natural resources, tourism, folklore, medicine, food, water, shelter, clothing)

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140 Responses to

  1. Kenneth Anderson

    River rafting – octogenarian with 5 kids October 9, 2016. How goes it? Let’s reconnect!

  2. Christina Terrell

    Was reading on another forum about oyur pans to hike thru Yellowstone. I know that you ended up not doing it, but do you still have your map you were working on? im going in late may and i would LOVE to see/use it for reference… thanks 🙂

    • Quiet_Earp

      Sure! Don’t have access to it right now because I’m traveling but if you send me your email address I will make a note of it and send it to you when I can!

  3. Jackie York

    Jonah, we met you today at canyonlands national park visitors center. We greatly enjoyed talking with you and wish you much luck in your quest to see the world. We’ll look forward to your updates.
    The Yorks from Virigina.

  4. Honey Bear

    The man!

  5. Vonnie Waffle

    Great to meet you again at Woody Gap this week, Quiet Erp. I guess you are all done on the AT now. Congratulations. I have been engrossed in your website and the tales of your adventures and am in awe of your life choices to date. So impressive you chose a different path so young. Look forward to reading about your next walk. Cheers, Drop Bear

  6. J Hartman

    It was awesome meeting you and chatting about the William pen shelter while visiting the top of the N Carolina/Tennessee border. My husband and I are so inspired after talking with you about your adventures. Please always continue to share your story and future adventures. God bless you as you finish out Tennessee and enter into the home stretch of Georgia
    – the Hartman’s

  7. Libby

    Very earnestly: what do you do about snakes and other potentially dangerous animals/reptiles? And how do you fund walks?

    Keep on rockin out.

    • Quiet_Earp

      Snakes and other reptiles are generally a non-issue, but it is important to be mindful of them while walking. Sleeping in a hammock works well at night. Large predatory animals and insects are usually the ones to be most cautious about, but are easily avoided/managed with a well-chosen campsite, the right gear (bear canister, headnet…) and the knowledge of what to do if confronted.

      The trick to funding is simple: save more and spend less. I will typically work for 6-9 months to save enough for a 6 month trip, where my largest and sometimes only cost is food

  8. Ted

    Much love from Atlantic beach, it was good running into you at springfest, keep being you man, much love -Ted and alex

  9. Donnita Harmon

    Hey Jonah – keep up the hard work! You dad is right – you inspire us all to never give up! Keep smiling and stay positive! 🙂

  10. Julie Myers

    Keep going Jonah! Keep your chin up and enjoy each day! You are an inspiration!

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