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2 Responses to Nevada

  1. Colin Moore

    Hi, my name is Colin. I have actually been planning to walk the entire American Discovery Trail for two years now. I have it all planned out and have everything I need. This trip should take me about a year and a few mouths. The only problem i have is that I don’t know if i should hold off on this or not. I am a senior in high school, I’m about a mouth away from graduation and i already have a college lined up. This adventure has been my dream for two years and all I want to do is head out. My thought was that you have walked the trail before and know what it’s like to be free for so long, so if anyone could tell me it would be you. I’d really appreciate any advice you could give. Thank you for your time.

    • Quiet_Earp

      Colin, I’m super stoked that you’re even considering this man. Obviously, I’ve got a pretty strong bias towards hiking, so I would say go for it dude! In my opinion, hiking the American Discovery Trail will teach you just as much as you could ever learn in school, but the things you will learn are the kinds of things that will stick with you for a lifetime- life skills like networking, being self-sufficient, managing your money, learning about the capabilities and limitations of your own body… the list goes on and on. Admittedly, being almost 4 years out of high school now, seeing my friends graduate, I do still think about what it would have been like if I had gone to college, but what I quickly realize is that hiking across the country shaped the course for the rest of my life. Being so many places, meeting so many people, and basically having a whole year to meditate has done more for me than any institute of higher learning ever could, and I didn’t come out of it all up to my eyeballs in student debt either. I am confident that with a solid plan, a willingness to stray from that plan if an amazing opportunity comes up, and a network of support behind you, nothing is stopping you from making it to the other coast man. Would love to chat with you some more about some specifics on gear and logistics and what not. Give me a call when you can- 443-564-3810

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